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Top 20 Tips To Crack IBPS PO Exam in 1st Attempt


Top 20 Tips To Crack IBPS PO Exam in 1st Attempt

IBPS PO exam calendar is out. The exam is scheduled to be conducted in October 2021. There is enough time for one to crack it with consistent studies, focus, and commitment. Students often ask whether it is possible to crack the IBPS PO Exam on the first attempt. It is possible if you follow these tips.

20 Tips To Crack IBPS PO Exam in 1st Attempt

This article discusses the top 20 tips which will help you crack IBPS PO Exam on the first attempt.


Understand the Syllabus

IBPS PO Exam syllabus contains three sections- English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability. The exam lasts for one hour, with 20 minutes assigned for each section. Total marks are 100. You need to understand the syllabus thoroughly to make your study plan.


Make A Strategy

The date of the exam has been finalized. Now, you need to prepare for it. Make a study plan which incorporates every subject and every topic. Here, it is also important to keep your strength and weakness in mind. If you are good at one subject, you should allocate your assigned time to another subject.


Make Your Own Plans

A single study plan does not work for every player. In the same way, a single strategy does not work for every student. Do not follow the toppers’ strategy. Instead, make your own strategy that is convenient for you.


Identify the More Important Topics

Though every topic is important in exams, there are certain topics whose weightage in exams is more than that of others. Identify those topics and practice more questions to score well.


Clear The Basic Concepts

This is for beginners who have never appeared in any competitive or bank exams. It is important to clear your basic concepts. You can join classes or refer to books to understand some of the best ways to attempt questions.


Regular Practice

This is the key to success in any exam and not only in the IBPS PO exam. The paper is an objective-type multiple-choice question paper. You must practice thousands of questions before appearing in the exam. Today numerous websites and books are available online and in the market, with numerous questions for you to practice.


Regular Revision

Reading and completing a subject is not enough. You need to revise regularly. This is very important for each section of the paper. Preparing notes and referring to them regularly can help.


Keep Consistency

Make a consistent plan of study. Even if you are taking a break, say you couldn’t study for two days, make sure that the break doesn’t extend to four days. You must be consistent; else, it takes time to get in the flow again.


Stay Updated

If you appear for any competitive exams, it is important to read and keep yourself updated with current affairs. Though General Knowledge or Current Affairs is not a part of the IBPS PO Exam Prelims, it is asked in the Mains. You must allow some time for General Knowledge.


Improve Your English

The English Language section of the paper is a difficult one. It consists of some high-level questions from the language where you may end up ticking the wrong answer. Read books, read English newspapers, learn new words, and improve your grammar to score well in English.


Learn Tricks and Tips to Solve

There are several shortcuts, and tips & tricks to solve questions, especially in the Quantitative Aptitude section. Learning these tricks helps a lot in saving time during the examination.


Take Breaks

Studying 10-12 hours without a break is the worst strategy one ever makes. Your mind gets tired as well. You need to take enough small breaks in between to rest your mind and start afresh.


Solve Mock Test Papers and Previous Year Papers

Suppose you want to gauge the depth and difficulty of the questions plus your IBPS PO Exam Preparation, attempt mock tests. They help you validate your approach. It is advised to solve them in an exam-like condition to assess yourself in the best manner.


Trace Your Weakness

After attempting the mock test, you will know your weak and strong areas. Which section is taking more time, which section is more difficult to solve, which section is posing the greatest difficulty in understanding the question, etc? You will be able to make a better study plan after knowing the areas you need to focus on.


Don’t Get Disheartened

It is possible that you may not get very good marks in the mock tests. It is completely alright. They are purposely drafted with a higher level of difficulty to assess your real exam preparation. Do not get bogged down by those marks, rather start preparing a new study plan after analyzing the important areas.


Time Management

You only get 20 minutes to answer the questions in each section. It is important to practice enough and be able to solve the questions within time. As you attempt the mock tests, you understand the time you need to solve each question and whether you can manage the time or not.


Increase Your Speed

If you are lagging behind the time, you need to practice a lot more questions in less time with utmost accuracy. Speed can only be achieved with practice.


Do Not Forget Mains

If you spend all your time focusing on Prelims only, you will have no time to prepare for Mains after the result declaration. Make a plan that incorporates the syllabus for both Prelims and Mains.


Don’t Panic

In the examination hall, do not think about anything else except answering the questions. Candidates panic and make mistakes. You have to be patient and avoid negative markings.


Be Positive

While preparing for IBPS PO Exam or answering questions in the examination hall, stay positive. Remember, the vacancies are a handful while there are thousands of contenders for the same. Even if you do not make it, it is not the end. Motivate yourself and keep preparing.


Final Words

Proper guidance, good reference books, hard work, scheduled preparation, consistent study, and lots and lots of practice, and the rest of the tips, will help you crack the IBPS PO Exam on 1st attempt.

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