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Ace your CDS Exam Preparation Plan with these 5 Phenomenal Tips from our Experts


CDS Exam Preparation Plan

Are you gearing up for the next CDS Examination? If yes, you have come to the right place. The Combined Defence Services Examination or CDS is conducted by the UPSC two times a year. And although the examination follows school-level academic topics, it is one of the most sought-after entrance examinations in the country. Hence the competition is quite challenging. However, like any other examination, CDS is also crackable. All you would need is to follow the right schedule. 

To help you in this, we have some foolproof study hacks to let you qualify the CDS with a good rank. The below points will help you strengthen your CDS preparation.


1. Be Sure About The Syllabus 

For the CDS preparation, first and foremost, check out your syllabus. You can go to the Official site and note down the entire syllabus. You can also check it out on upGrad jeet's website for CDS Exam Coaching. Once you get the syllabus, create your study structure as per the markings of each topic. After doing this, you can focus more on topics that have more marks. However, you can judge your time allotment for each topic based on the marks they carry. Carry a list of the syllabus and keep updating it as you progress. A good CDS exam online coaching will include all the syllabus topics in detail.


2. Master Elementary Mathematics And English Grammar

For Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Air Force Academy (AFA), you will have to appear for three subjects- English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. For English and Elementary Mathematics, you will need to go through your school topics. 

The English paper will focus on questions about parts of speech. So getting your grammar basics clear would help you score high in the CDS exam. You can go through your school grammar books and go revise the topics like Spotting Errors Questions, Sentence Arrangement Questions, Synonyms & Antonyms, Selecting Words, Ordering of Sentence, and more. So hold on to your Wren & Martins.

For Math, you will have to again go through your school basics. Its paper will combine Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Mensuration, and Statistics. So practice the old papers and get the hang of the topics. Use past years' papers to understand the pattern of CDS exam questions. The strategy of the centers having the best coaching for the CDS exam is to guide students to score full marks in the Maths and English sections. 


3. Stay Updated With The Current Affairs

While Mathematics and English come with structures, General Knowledge can be intimidating if you are not someone who likes to know the current happenings. So from the first day of your CDS Preparation, read on! Go on the current affairs websites, get the General Knowledge books, stay glued to the news primetime, and pay attention to history and important dates. Although it'd be impossible to remember everything under the General Knowledge category, you can skim through some of the CDS exam topics such as politics, history, Defence-related awards, and sports. Fill 'dead' time with quick current affair quizzes online and discuss them in your peer groups.


4. Practice To Keep Up With Allotted Time

For CDS exam preparation, just studying the subjects won't do. You will have to learn the trick of time. Besides the subject knowledge, such examinations also screen students on their time management. Hence, learn the art of keeping up with time. To do this, you will need to practice a lot. Take out the question bank and start solving them by keeping an allotted time. You will see with practice, you will be able to solve your papers faster than before. This way, when you face the paper during the examination day, your mind will already be in the flow of your practice. After studying the entire syllabus, solve a question paper daily with a time stopper. Solve these papers with the same mindset you would solve them during the exam. Enrolling in good CDS Exam Coaching will help you score a good rank in the CDS exam.


5. Get Coached From the Right Teachers

Preparing for such competitive exams can be overwhelming. Therefore, you should get help from the right mentors. They won't just coach you in the subjects but also help you in your overall preparations. Our CDS course comes with a complete strategy and a foolproof structure to bring out the most of your abilities. The course comes with video lectures, study materials, and questionnaires that mentor you to prep up the course on a one-to-one basis with our experts. Select an online study course that suits your study style. Read the course comprehensively before applying. 

CDS is one of the most highly acclaimed entrance exams in the country. It tests different aspects of your personality. Hence, just knowing the answers won't help; you will have to acquire the techniques and skills to score high. You can find the best coaching for the CDS exam at upGrad Jeet's website. It covers all the necessary subjects and strategies to train for the CDS exam.

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