Eight Steps to crack RBI Assistant exam


Eight Steps to crack RBI Assistant exam

There are a lot of steps you need to follow so that you can easily qualify for the RBI Assistant exams. 


RBI Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern

The RBI Assistant preliminary exam will have 100 questions from 3 different sections. They are: -

  • English Language.
  • Numerical Ability.
  • Reasoning Ability.

Another crucial point to remember is that every incorrect response will result in a 0.25 point deduction. There will be no penalties for questions that are left unanswered. The RBI Assistant Prelims Exam will consist of objective questions. The exam will take a total of one hour for the student to complete.

Subject Sections.Number Of QuestionsMaximum Marks
English Language3030
Numerical Skills3535
Total Marks 100100


RBI Assistant Mains Exam Pattern

The length of the RBI Assistant Mains test will be 1 hour and 35 minutes. The subjects covered in the RBI Assistant mains exam are as follows: -

Sl noSubjectsMarksDurationTotal Marks/Questions
1English4040200 / 200
2Quantitative Aptitude4040 
3Reasoning Ability4040 
4Computer Skills4040 
5General Awareness4040 

The requirements and negative marking for the mains exam are the same as described previously. After passing the mains exam with distinction, the applicant will be asked for a language competence test based on their area. Once this is completed, the applicant will be placed based on the available positions in the candidate's chosen location.

Preparation for the RBI Assistant exams requires hard work along with an organized approach. Let us look at 8 Steps or tips to crack the RBI Assistant exam.


Step 1. Expand the RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus

Work with your study mates and expand the syllabus for the RBI Assistant Exams. You can easily make notes on the areas that you will need to focus on to improve your RBI Assistant exam skills by performing this action. It will also give you a good chance to cover all the subject syllabi so that your RBI Assistant exam preparation is rock solid. Follow the syllabus and learn all the topics with equal importance.


Step 2. Mark allotment of the RBI Assistant paper

You can note down the mark allotment of the RBI Assistant paper to understand the weightage of each subject. With the help of an experienced teacher, you can also look at how the topics have different marks. This will give you a good advantage for your RBI Assistant Exam Preparation. You can choose different sections to prepare on a priority basis depending on your skills in subjects. 


Step 3. Time management

Time management is a key element for exam preparation. You should schedule the remaining days for studying the RBI Assistant syllabus. You can choose to learn in the first quarter of the day, that is from 6 am to 10 AM, then practice from 11 AM to 4:30 PM. After this, you can recall the subjects from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Here the point is to understand what type of long study technique is comfortable for you. The more relaxed & in line you are with RBI Assistant preparation, the more marks you can get for the exam. Make the study for RBI Assistant personalised and adapted to you. 


Step 4. Practice the Maximum number of RBI Assistant Questions.

While you are practising for the RBI Assistant exam, you will come across a lot of questions with lots of variety & there are lots of books that are available to practice. Make sure that you get a few books aligned to the syllabus and keep solving questions. It is the most important part of your RBI Assistant preparation as constant practice will help you improve your speed and accuracy.


Step 5. Previous year question papers

Solving the previous year question papers will give a lot of insight to your RBI Assistant Exam Preparation. It will give you clarity of how the questions are framed and what is the difficulty level each year. It will also make you familiar with the question paper pattern of the RBI Assistant exam. A timed attempt of the previous year question will give you an early & real-time experience of the RBI Assistant question paper. 


Step 6. Peer group discussions

Peer group discussion can bring out various aspects of solving the RBI Assistant exam. You can get various preparation tips for the RBI Assistant exam from your friends who are preparing for the same. You can quiz your friends and can solve questions together. If you have doubts, the best and easiest people to ask are your study peers. Study groups can boost your preparation for the RBI Assistant exam. 


Step 7. Mock tests

Mock tests can drastically increase your RBI Assistant exam solving skills. It will help you to understand and follow a good exam solving plan. You can choose which section you would want to attempt first in the RBI Assistant exam. The questions will increase your knowledge base and help you to learn more techniques and concepts day by day. Mock tests are one of the most compulsory elements in the preparation for the RBI Assistant exam. 


Step 8. Revisions for RBI Exam Preparation

Revisions are considered important in the preparation of RBI exams. Why? It helps the student to remember all the necessary formulas and concepts that are required to clear the RBI Assistant exams. You can revise on a daily basis before you go to sleep after your day and also revise once in the morning. This technique will help to keep the studied information intact and move on to the next topic the next day. 

Preparing for the RBI Assistant exam should be done in a systematic approach. You can take these points and work on them to personalize your RBI Assistant preparation. These 8 steps cover all the necessary points to help you score a high mark in the RBI Assistant exam and hence clear it. We wish you all the best in your future exams. 


Role Of upGrad Jeet In RBI Assistant Exam Guidance

upGrad Jeet hosts the finest RBI Assistant exam training with all the necessary elements. The faculty are industry experts and have developed the best RBI Assistant Study Material to push students for the best result. They implement the latest exam syllabus and question patterns in the training module so that the exam training is organized & easy to follow. upGrad Jeet also has provisions to solve the doubts of the students and can help you perform better in the exams with an innovative mock test series. The course for RBI Assistant that is provided by upGrad Jeet features the most complete exam training modules which can guide and newbie and expert students alike. You can visit and check our courses for the most advanced RBI Assistant exam preparation.

Learn, practice, and revise is the order of study you should follow as you prepare for your RBI Assistant exam. We wish you success in your endeavours and hope to see you crack the RBI Assistant exams.

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