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10 Expert tips to prepare for the RRB Group D Exam


10 Expert tips to prepare for the RRB Group D Exam

Benefits of Passing RRB Group D

When you clear the RRB Group D Exam, you get to enjoy a few benefits. These benefits include a good starting salary of Rupees 22,000 to 25,000. Individuals who qualify for the RRB Group D get concessions and perks while travelling. There is the easy availability of loans, allowances for housing, overtime work, medical attention and pension. The RRB Group D post holds a big opportunity for the individual to grow. There are departmental examinations every 3rd year that will help them to climb up the ladder. 


RRB Group D Exam Pattern

SubjectNumber of QuestionsDuration.
General Science2590 Minutes
General Intelligence and reasoning30
General Awareness and current affairs20
Total100 Questions.

The maximum marks for this exam will be 100. There will also be a negative marking scheme of 0.33 marks per the wrong question.


Subject-wise Preparation Tips

Let us now see a few subject-wise preparation tips to study the subjects of the RRB Group D Exam.


General Science

The questions from this section of the RRB Group D exam are mainly taken from class 10th and 12th books. The important topics that you have to learn from the RRB Group D Syllabus are Heat, Force, Units and Measurement, Gravitation, Electricity and Magnetism Life processes, Ecology, Reproduction, sources of Energy, Acids bases and metals, Chemical reactions and Metals and Non-Metals. Understanding the basics of the subjects mentioned and classifying the important topics will help you score better in this section. You can also use the help of the RRB Group D exam analysis to have a detailed idea of the number of questions asked from each section. 



The important subjects to be covered for this section are:- Compound interest and Simple interest, Percentage, Time and Work, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Bodmas. One important tip is to figure out what is the shortest method to reach the answer in the maths section of the RRB B Group D Exam. You should have a regular practice plan and visit the basics of the topics mentioned to strengthen your RRB Group D Exam Preparation


General Intelligence and Reasoning

To score well in the RRB Group D Syllabus section of intelligence and reasoning, one must follow these topics and study them well. They are:- Assumption, syllogism, Analogy, Direction, Analytical, Classification, and Blood Relation. The first task here is to use the RRB Group D exam analysis and eliminate or deprioritize the topics that are not important. Puzzles and regular practice will help gain knowledge in this section. 


General Awareness and Current Affairs

To ace in the General Awareness and Current Affairs section of the RRB Group D syllabus, you can easily follow these topics:- Sports, culture, Economics, Politics, Science and Technology. Be aware of the latest news on all of these above-mentioned topics. After this, you can also take the help of the daily news round-up, magazines and publishing's that will support you to learn more topics that are important. 


10 Tips to Clear RRB Group D Exam

Let us now look at 10 tips to clear the RRB Group D Exam.


Concentrate on key areas from the RRB Group D Syllabus

The most crucial aspects of each topic should be focused on when preparing for the RRB Group D Exam Preparation Tips. To have a better idea, look over the question pattern from the previous year's examination to gain a better understanding of the exam pattern and key areas to study from.


Make a study schedule

While studying for the RRB Group D exam, it is critical to create a study strategy. You should organise your studies so that you can quickly see which topics to study and on which days. Having a daily schedule would help you prepare for the RRB Group D Exam more effectively.


Read Topics Regularly

Reading is a fantastic way to keep your brain and its ability to decode information in shape. To better comprehend the vocabulary and terms, study stuff connected to the RRB Group D exam.


Test After Each Topic

One of the finest ways to help you perform well in the RRB Group D Exam is to test yourself after each unit. Concentrate on your weakest areas and figure out how to enhance them.


Focus on Latest News and Updates

Expand your reading horizons. To remain current on current events, use the internet or the publications that are accessible. This is a crucial assignment to do when studying for the RRB Group D exam


Examine each topic in depth

Make sure you go over each subject thoroughly. Follow your daily study schedule to ensure that you cover all of the topics for the RRB Group D Syllabus. Get in touch with seniors or your peers to understand the key areas to focus on.


Organize your time

Managing your time while studying for a test is a crucial effort. Preparation requires more time than any other task. To secure a top score, you must divide your time evenly between practice, studying, testing, and revisions.


Mock exams can help you practise

Mock examinations are an important element of your Preparation for RRB Group D Exam. They can assist you to figure out where you need to improve your exam-solving abilities. Practising online-based mock tests will help you improve your exam grades. 


Accuracy for better results

Focus on Accuracy Practice as much as you can for the RRB Group D exam, and each time you take a practise test, focus on increasing your accuracy. This will help you achieve your aim of being hired for the RRB Group D position.


Keep a healthy routine

Maintain a healthy diet and workout routine. While studying for the RRB Group D exam, you are putting your body and mind under a lot of strain. For ensuring a good RRB Group D Preparation, it's also crucial to look after oneself.


upGrad Jeet's RRB Group D Coaching

When you decide to join upGrad Jeet, there are a number of factors that can help you achieve success. As preparation for the RRB Group D Exam, you will receive the latest lectures. In addition, you will be provided with the finest RRB Group D practise examinations, question sessions, and study resources. You can easily assure an RRB vacancy when you have highly trained academic staff overseeing your preparations.

With the aid of the most recent questions, upGrad Jeet's RRB Group D training will increase your overall confidence and performance. We wish you the best of luck in your preparation for the RRB Group D Exam.

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