A New Children’s Book Released


  • A new book titled “The Boy Who Wrote a Constitution: A play for Children on Human Rights” was released on the occasion of the 131st birth anniversary of Dr.BR Ambedkar.
  • The book was authored by Rajesh Talwar and published by Ponytale Books.
  • The book describes Ambedkar’s own recollections of his childhood, which can be transformative for this generation of children as well as teachers and parents.
  • The new books imply to the children about the challenging childhood and grown-up years of Ambedkar who had written the Indian Constitution and became India’s first law minister.

Facts to know:


  • Other books written by Rajesh Talwar - The Vanishing of Subhash Bose, Gandhi, Ambedkar, and the Four-Legged Scorpion, and Aurangzeb.
The Boy who wrote constitution
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