O Henry Award


  • Bengali author Amar Mitra won the O.Henry prize for a short story titled 'Gaonburo' he wrote 45 years back.
  • The ‘Gaonburo' is a short fiction that was written in the Bengali language in 1977 and published in a magazine known as Amrita Patrika.
  • Later the story was translated into English with the title ‘The Old Man Of Kusumpur’.
  • The story narrates the life journey of an old man who had many problems in his life.
  • Mitra was awarded the ‘Sahitya Academy award’ in 2006 and the ‘Bankim Puroshkar award’ from the government of West Bengal.

Facts to know:


  • O. Henry Award is an annual American award named after the American short-story writer O. Henry.
  • The award was first presented in 1919.
  • The award was funded by the Society of Arts and Sciences.
Amar Mitra
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