Space Debris of India


  • A total of 25,182 pieces of space debris (size larger than 10 cm) were orbiting the Earth within 2,000 km of earth’s surface. The data was given by the Orbital Debris Program Office of NASA.
  • Of these total debris, about 114 space debris from 103 active and inactive spacecraft into the orbit were related to Indian country. It is low when compared to other major countries.
  • India’s contribution to space debris had increased sharply in 2019 after the country’s first-ever anti-satellite test was demonstrated.
  • Countries having highest number of space debris - USA (5,126 debris), China (3,854 debris) and former Soviet Union countries.
  • Space debris is defined as the big and small unwanted objects of inactive satellites & its fragments and the remains of rocket & its parts orbiting the Earth’s surface.

Facts to know:


  • India demonstrated an anti-satellite test towards 740-kg Microsat-R satellite in March 2019.
  • India is the fourth country in the world to conduct an anti-satellite test.
  • ISRO, the Indian national space agency was established in 1969.
  • Chairman of ISRO: Shri S. Somanath.
NASA Report
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