Axiom Mission-1


● A mission ‘Axiom Mission 1’ was launched by SpaceX, which carries private astronauts to space through its Falcon 9 rocket.
● In this mission, a four-member crew (all-private astronauts) was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) by this mission for the first time.
● The crew was led by López-Alegría - a former NASA astronaut and this is the sixth human space flight of SpaceX.
● The crew members were selected by Houston-based startup ‘Axiom Space Inc’.
● ‘Inspiration 4’ is another mission was launched by SpaceX in September 2021 which carries an all-civilian crew to orbit for the first time. 

Facts to know:

● SpaceX company was established in 2002.
● Founder and CEO of SpaceX company: Mr.Elon Musk - top ranked billionaire as per Forbes billionaires 2022 report.
● Headquarters of SpaceX: California, United States.

Axiom Mission 1
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