Microplastic Found in Human Organ


  • In a recent study, microplastics were identified in live human lungs which indicates that people are inhaling and ingesting the microplastics lingering in the air, and food, water.
  • For the first time, plastic particles were found in the live human lungs.
  • Previously, microplastic particles were founded in lung tissue gathered from cadavers i.e. a dead human body.
  • Earlier, the microplastic particles were identified in human blood, excrement and in the depths of the ocean.
  • The most prevalent forms of plastic found are Polypropylene and PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET).


Facts to know:


  • The tiny pieces of plastics with the size of less than 5 mm in length are termed Microplastics.
  • ‘Polypropylene’ is used in plastic packaging.
Microplastic Particles
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