Bill Passed to Curb Irregularities in State Public Exams


  • The state assembly of Rajasthan has recently passed a bill to curb irregularities in recruitment exams in the state.
  • The irregularities include offences like paper leak and cheating in recruitment exams.
  • The bill aimed at checking illegal activities in recruitment exams for posts under the state government, including autonomous bodies, boards and corporations.
  • The bill has the provision of punishment includes imprisonment up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 10 crore.
  • If any person took help in a public examination, he would be fined more than Rs 1 lakh and imprisoned for three years.

Facts to know:


  • Governor of Rajasthan: Mr. Kalraj Mishra.
  • Chief Minister of Rajasthan: Mr. Ashok Gehlot.
  • ‘Jaipur Heritage City’ is the UNESCO heritage site added in 2019 located in Rajasthan.
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