Henley Global Citizens Report


Alt text: Henley Global Citizens Report
● The first ever Henley Global Citizens Report was released by Henley & Partners.
● As per the report, in terms of privately-held wealth, the top three countries are - US, China, and Japan.
● The report has four Cs driving wealth and investment migration - Covid, climate change, cryptocurrency and conflict in Europe.
● In terms of investment migration, India topped the list in 2021. This shows an increase of 54% when comparing with the previous year 2020. India followed by the USA.
● The UAE introduced Golden Visas, which are valid for up to 10 years, to encourage exceptional workers and foreign investors to seek deeper roots in the country.

Facts to know:

● Henley & Partners also releases the Henley Passport Index.
● India ranked 83rd in the Henley Passport Index 2021.
● The Indian passport has visa-free access to 60 destinations worldwide.

Henley Global Citizens Report
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