GI Tag for Narasingapettai Nagaswaram


  • Recently, the traditional wind instrument ‘Narasingapettai Nagaswaram’ of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu received a Geographical Indication (GI) Tag.
  • The instrument received the tag under the category of ‘musical instruments of class 15’.
  • It is a handmade product made by the artisans of Kumbakonam and its production process is the unique feature of the instrument.
  • The ebony wood has been chosen for Nagaswaram and the reeds are made from the leaves of a locally grown plant called 'naanal' (a variety of bamboo).
  • The application for the GI Tag was filed by the ‘Thanjavur Musical Instruments Workers Co-operative Cottage Industrial Society Ltd.

  Facts to know:


  • The first Indian product to receive the GI tag: Darjeeling tea (2004).
  • The GI tag of a product is valid for a period of 10 years.
  • State with Highest no. of GI Tag products: Karnataka (47).
Narasingapettai Naga swaram

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