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Why do Candidates fail To Qualify IBPS PO Bank Exam?


Why do Candidates fail To Qualify IBPS PO Bank Exam?

Do you know every year, 8-10 lakh candidates appear in IBPS PO Exam? Where the number of vacancies is hardly in thousands. Thus the number of people who fail it is also high. These bank exams are not easy, and the Bank PO coaching that students refer to can only guide them, but if students lack a focused approach and a commitment, the rate of failure is only going to increase.

Some candidates fail at these exams even after several attempts, while some crack it in one go. The toppers can share the success tips, but if you do not analyze the reason for failure and do not change your strategy for IBPS PO Exam Preparation, the result is going to be the same, i.e., failure.

Even if you pass the written examination, candidates are eliminated in interviews. But the number of candidates who fail in the written examination is way more than those who fail later. Hence, clearing the theory is important to have a chance. The IBPS PO Syllabus for the written examination is not much different from other banking exams. Thus the question- why candidates fail these exams needs to be addressed.


Reasons Why Candidates Fail to Qualify IBPS PO Bank Exams

Here are some of the reasons why candidates fail IBPS Bank Exams.


No Knowledge of the Tough Competition

The students from Commerce and Science background have no idea that the exam they consider so easy has a selection rate of 1% only. Many students think that Mathematics, Reasoning, and even English Grammar are easy subjects, and they can crack them. The lack of knowledge about the competition for the posts and lack of preparation is one of the biggest reasons for failure. The posts are a handful while the aspirants are in lakhs, and thus, a casual attitude towards exams isn’t right.


No Knowledge of Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The IBPS PO exam syllabus also changes every year, but candidates keep preparing based on the old exam syllabus. Studying topics that have no weightage anymore is a waste of time which can be avoided by keeping yourself updated.


No Knowledge About Cut-Off

Candidates who do not solve previous year’s exam papers and have no idea about the cut-off fail to guide their preparation and set a target score for themselves.


No Knowledge About Online Exam Environment

Registering for mock tests becomes imperative if a candidate wants to clear the bank exams. Candidates do not solve mock test papers, have no idea about the online environment, and it causes panic when they don’t know how to lock the answer to a question or how to swap it.


Lack of Practice

It is always said that practice is the key to clear IBPS PO Exam. Candidates who study at the last moments fail to practice enough, which becomes the biggest reason for failure.


No Heed to Negative Marking

Every wrong answer in IBPS Bank exams causes a negative mark. Many candidates answer questions by guessing while eyeing the little time left for the exam. This is a very wrong approach and a great reason for failure.


Exam Pressure

Most of the candidates feel pressure while sitting in exams. No amount of preparation helps to get away with that anxiety. It causes panic, and candidates find it impossible to answer the questions, even the simple ones.



An over-dependence on Bank PO coaching is also a reason for failure as candidates study but do not practice and self-study. Passing the IBPS PO exam without practice is not possible.


Final Words

IBPS PO Exam Preparation requires a strategy. By avoiding these mistakes and opting for a well-crafted strategy keeping your IBPS PO Exam syllabus in mind, one can make it through the other side of the IBPS Bank PO exams.

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