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How to Spot a good Bank Coaching Institute for IBPS PO exam?


How to Spot a good Bank Coaching Institute for IBPS PO exam

When it comes to preparing for any competitive exams, you need to strategize your preparation process. A coaching institute helps you with the right knowledge and study materials and guides you in strategizing your preparation.

Before you enrol in any particular institute, make a list of 5 best Coaching Institutes for Banking in your area and compare their: 

  • Student review
  • Course curriculum
  • Success ratio
  • Course prices
  • And if possible, participate in demo classes from all the shortlisted institutes.

Finally, based on the analysis, enrol in the one that suits you best. 

Here are the things that you need to check before you choose the right IBPS PO Coaching.


Check Reviews from Students

Reviews from other students are the most authentic source of information that you can have about the bank exam coaching institutes. Take time and visit the websites of different coaching institutes and check what other students are saying about their course curriculum.

The IBPS PO exam syllabus consists of several topics such as Reasoning Ability, Numerical Aptitude, English Language skills, General Awareness and Computer Knowledge. If you are less confident about any particular topic, ask the students from different institutes and gather information on which institute might have the best faculty members for the particular subject.


Study Materials & Mock Tests

Comprehensive course material can not only make the whole process of preparation easier but also play a crucial role in strategizing your preparation. Through the best quality study materials, you can better learn the concept of Reasoning Ability, Numerical Aptitude and other topics that one needs to cover for the IBPS PO Exam. Adding to that, study material with precise information, assessment papers helps you prepare better for the exam. To get hold of the study materials from a particular bank PO coaching centre, you can either physically visit the institution, or ask the institute coordinator to email you a few samples of the course materials.

Apart from having access to quality study materials, mock tests also play a crucial role in your preparation for the IBPS PO Exam. As you participate more in classroom assessments and mock tests, you can clearly understand the quality of preparation you have for the exam. It will be much easier for you to analyze and identify your strong and weak points. These days, most institutes conduct online mock tests and publish full assessment reports based on your performance on their portal. Check whether the selected institute has similar offerings or not


Check the Success Record

The success record itself speaks volumes when it comes to judging the credibility of a good bank coaching institute for the IBPS PO exam. A successful institute will obviously have records of the students who have previously cracked the exam. Check the number of students getting enrolled in the last two years and calculate the percentage of successful students.

Check if the institute holds an alumni association or offers you a possible way to connect with the already successful students. Talking to the people who have already cracked the exams may help you boost your confidence. Also, from the alumni members, you can get more info on the teaching methodologies, quality of notes, and (of course!) about the weak links of the institutes. 


Fee Structure

Besides selecting the above mentioned key points, fee structure must also be considered while selecting an institute. Consider having a budget in mind before taking admission. 

No matter what amount you pay to your coaching institute, all they can do is help you with the preparation. Thus, spending too much over the course fees of the coaching institute for banking is never an option. You should rather save the amount for buying additional online tests and offline books and study materials.



No matter what time you spend on your preparation, you hold your confidence high while participating in the exam. Cracking the IBPS PO Exam or any competitive exam may take some time. Keep your patience and focus, keep practising and always be in the process.

That's all from our end. Hope we have successfully resolved your query of 'how to spot a good coaching institute for Bank PO Exam?' Get your admission at the one that meets all your requirements and have a flexible class schedule at your convenience. Wish you luck!

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