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How To Prepare for General Awareness For SBI PO?


How To Prepare for General Awareness For SBI PO Exam

SBI PO is an exam that is governed by the State Bank of India every year to recruit candidates for the post of Probationary Officers. The SBI is India's leading and the largest banking organization with offices branching even into international territories. The exam is eagerly waited for and sees lakhs of applicants every year competing for the top ranks. 

Time goes on and the SBI PO exam is now very competitive and tricky to navigate. But, as always if a candidate follows the SBI PO syllabus and structures the studies in a very regular manner, it is easy for them to achieve their goal.


General Awareness in SBI PO

The section of general awareness in SBI PO challenges the candidate with facts and important information from what is happening around them. All the news from current affairs with more emphasis on economy, finance and banking sector are generally mentioned along with important national and international happenings in this section. The candidate finds it tough to compile and create a database of information to study from. To cope with this, there are a few things that you can do. 


How to tackle General Awareness for SBI PO?

Every section of the SBI PO syllabus requires a specific technical approach, so does the general awareness part. It is easy to go on and read lots of articles and different sources, but how does a candidate register and remember all this information? 

Well, the fact is it is not easy to prepare for the SBI PO exam, but there are well-known techniques any candidate can use to overcome issues with the vast general awareness syllabus. 


Pointers to Prepare for General Awareness (SBI PO)


Watch News

Watching the news is a very common activity in a normal household. For this, the candidate does not have to put extra effort into watching hours and hours of news altogether. What they can do is to watch the entire news round-up for the day. Most round-ups happen at 6 pm or 9 pm. The candidate can choose to watch the news at either time according to their convenience. 

The type of news watching to crack the general awareness should not be casual. The student should watch the news and along with it, he should also prepare notes if it is of extreme national or international importance. This is a good idea to crack the SBI PO exams.


Be the Subscriber of a Quality Newspaper

It is important to read newspapers. Not any general local newspapers, but a good resourceful newspaper which is recommended by the winners of the SBI PO or Highly reputed Institute who have produced prodigies. They will know which source has the best volume of daily news that has the highest probability to show up in the general awareness syllabus of the SBI PO. 

Pay careful attention to all national international mentions. Topics related to the environment, politics, and other major decisions are of high priority. There are e-versions of the newspaper also available. if you are aligned with a device rather than the hardcopy then go for it. 


Make Notes

Making notes is an art. It is very important that the candidate makes notes to have a simpler form of study. He/she can make topics and subtopic sections and create specific notes. This will result in an easier study flow and the candidate can pin-point the information to the specific place and read it again. 

The candidate can use folders and add colours by using sticky notes and other art items. A little colour in the books to study is a great addition and causes the brain to take in more information. The SBI PO is not just a regular exam. The syllabus for the exam is vast. Following these small iterations will make the study experience less hectic and more interesting. 


Verify News properly

It is important to verify the facts and news articles. In the new age era, it is difficult to make out what is right and what is wrong due to the huge influence of social media. Comparing the news from different sources and then selecting a proper source can save a lot of marks in the examination. 

Always be careful while studying from sources like Facebook and Instagram while preparing for the SBI PO exams. These platforms have the most misleading information and can cause harm.

Choose a Good Institute

The student must go through a training program to cover the syllabus of general awareness in SBI PO. In an institute, there will be multiple individuals searching for important information. This scenario is highly favorable for the student as more people are researching for his benefit. 

There are plentiful online courses but then again the student can ask his friends and teachers for the best online courses that are available on different platforms aiding SBI PO Exam Preparation.



We have seen different methods and ideas to boost the preparation for SBI PO general awareness section. The candidate must stick to the preparation plan and follow the ideas so that he can easily win the exam and get into one of the safest job sectors in India.

Preparing for SBI PO is not easy. It can be made easy with the help of these above points and a good rank can be ensured. The best form of study is self-study. The above ideas are critical to having a good study plan for the upcoming SBI PO exams.

 All the best for future preparations

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