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Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for RBI Grade B Exam


Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for RBI Grade B Exam

The exam is further split into 3 different sections. The first section of the exams will be the preliminary exams. The second section of the RBI officer exam will be called the mains. The third section is the interview. Once the candidate has a sufficient score in all three exams, they will be successfully selected for the post of RBI Grade B officer.

Advantages Of Being An RBI Officer

Candidates work hard to clear the RBI Grade B Officer Exam every year because there are a lot of added benefits to working in such a well-reputed organization. Let us look at a few advantages of successfully finishing the RBI Grade B Exam:

  • There are huge chances of growth. The highest post a candidate can attain is the post of Deputy Governor.
  • A great starting salary would be provided to the candidate which is a sum of Rs 83,000 (Before salary deductions).
  • Balance life and work with a 9 AM - 5 PM workday, 5 days a week.
  • There are allowances for medical care, transport, housing and other benefits.


Exam Pattern Of RBI Grade B Exam


RBI Grade B Prelims Exam Pattern

SubjectQuestionsMarks Time.
English303025 Minutes
Reasoning Ability303025 Minutes
Numerical Ability606045 Minutes
General Awareness808025 Minutes
Total300200120 Minutes

Each incorrect answer will receive a negative 0.25 point and there is a time restriction for each component of the exam.


RBI Grade B Mains Exam Pattern

SubjectQuestionsTime Marks
Economics and Social Issues

Objective - 30 questions.

Descriptive - 4 Questions 

30 Mins

90 Mins



English Writing Skills Descriptive - 3 Questions90 Mins100
Finance and Management

Objective - 30 Questions

Descriptive - 4 Questions

30 Mins

90 Mins



Each incorrect answer will receive a negative 0.25 point and there is a time restriction for each component of the exam.


Psychometric Test & Interview of RBI Grade B Exam

This portion of the RBI Grade B examinations is worth 75 marks. Below are a few details concerning this segment of the exam.

  • The second round tests are used to determine who advances to the third round of the RBI Grade B exam.
  • For the interview, the candidate can pick between English and Hindi.
  • Candidates will be chosen based on a combination of the three parts' scores.

Since the exam pattern of the RBI Grade B Exam is clear, let us look at how to avoid the most common mistakes so that you can easily get a better score. 


Mistakes to Avoid Preparing for the RBI Grade B

The RBI Officer exam is a high-level exam that challenges students to cover important subjects that have different concepts and components. It is common that sometimes while performing the RBI Grade B Preparation, students may make some mistakes that might lead to wastage of important time or using a technique that may not suit the RBI Grade B Preparation Strategy. Let us see some of these mistakes and find what can be done to solve them.


1. Time Loss Due To A Slow Start

Some candidates tend to wait for the RBI notification to start their RBI Grade B Preparation. This will radically decrease the amount of time that they have to prepare for the RBI officer exam. If you are serious about writing the exam and securing a good rank in the RBI officer exam, you should begin your RBI Grade B Exam Preparation as early as possible. You can build a good online study community where you have a friend who have the same goal as you to crack the RBI officer exam. This will help you cover the RBI Grade B Syllabus effectively and get a better score in the RBI officer exam. 


2. Beginning Mains Preparation First

Some students start their main preparation for the RBI officer exam first. This is a big setback as it is important to prepare for the section one exam syllabus first. Since the exam has 2 to 3 Lakh candidates competing for 5000 to 6000 vacancies tentatively, you can understand that passing the initial phase will be tougher. A right approach with a timetable is required to cover the RBI Grade B Syllabus. You can practice the questions that are included in the RBI Grade B syllabus and easily.


3. Casual Preparation For English Descriptive Exam - Mains 

Having a general assumption that English is easy to attempt topic and not practising enough is a very common fault. The candidate might make faults with grammar, composition, and word limit in this section. Practising with the help of a timer and the correct number of words will help you get more used to the skills required in this section. Be careful of punctuation, grammatical errors when you write. Reading the written content once or twice will help you spot errors and improve for your final RBI Grade B exam. 


4. Having Fear Of Finance and Economics Questions

The fear of finance and economics questions can set in early because the candidate is not used to the topic. This is a common case when the candidate is hailing from a background where these topics are unknown. The truth is that these sections are not very tough to crack. The student only has to focus on the RBI exam syllabus to learn. Starting early and reading business news can be the first focus. The next step is you can clarify the terms and other news with the help of the internet or a mentor. Always stay curious and ask for help from your peer group, whenever required.


5. A “No-Guidance” Approach

Students have a general misconception that guidance for the RBI Grade B Exam is a waste of time and money. Having a good mentor only increases your chances to crack the RBI Grade B exams. You can get expert guidance and clear all your doubts. Experienced teachers will know the important parts of the RBI Grade B syllabus and will help you understand the subjects better. 


6. Following Books only

Certain students only focus on RBI books for their RBI Grade B Preparation. Focusing on books only will limit the knowledge the student gains from it. If you are making short notes based on information from different books, you are at the risk of getting confused. The best way to prepare is to go through the previous year questions first and then move on to the book that matches the most with it. This way you can find out which publisher to follow according to the RBI exam syllabus. Get help from experienced candidates on which materials to follow as they have already cracked the RBI officer exam.


7. Studying Easy Topics

Studying for the RBI exam is a wide process as there are many subjects and big topics. If candidates only study their favourite sections, they are leaving a huge hole in their RBI Grade B Preparation. To help with this, you can make an easy timetable following the subjects in the RBI Grade B syllabus. This will help you cover all the topics equally and focus on your weak areas rather than your already strong subjects. 


8. Insufficient Practice of Questions

Students can limit their practice and assume that they are good with the topics. This will cause a lot of disruption and problems when attempting the exam. In RBI Grade B mains, if you read books and study Finance Management and Economics, you can easily pass the RBI officer exam. You should combine good mentorship, peer support and constant practice to master each topic in the RBI exam syllabus


9. Less Importance Given To General Awareness

General awareness is neglected at times when focusing on the main subjects. Candidates should understand that this section is larger than it seems to be. Always be updated with the latest banking news. Exchange newspaper clipping and news with friends. Refer to the previous year RBI officer exam paper and have a look at how the questions are framed. This will help you greatly to be ready for this section and easily bag the marks.


10. Less Importance to Time Management

Candidates assume that they can take care of their RBI Grade B Exam Preparation and cover all the portions of the RBI exam syllabus. Sometimes towards the end they will have to hurry and complete the subjects. This can cause issues in preparation. It is advised by experienced mentors that a timetable along with a daily/weekly schedule can produce the best results. This can help with completing the required studies within the time frame of the RBI officer exam.


upGrad Jeet’s RBI Grade B Guidance

Every student dreams that the guidance they get has to be the best. upGrad Jeet has the best preparation guide for the RBI Grade B exam and it is a great initiative to cater to beginners and experienced candidates in the same manner. The Preparation guide for RBI Grade B has the best faculties from India that will assist the students in all aspects of the RBI officer exam. Be it RBI books, lectures or doubt solving sections. All the study activities will be monitored and guided along with covering the entire RBI exam syllabus.

The program by upGrad Jeet will help you study all the necessary topics so that you can get the best possible outcome in the RBI officer exam. If you want to get a good rank in the RBI Grade B Exam, you can check out the latest questions and mock tests provided in the course created by upGrad Jeet. We wish you success in your RBI officer exam.

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