10 Common Mistakes Which Students Make In SSC CGL Exams


10 common mistakes to avoid during SSC CGL Exam Preparation


Mistakes You Must Avoid in SSC CGL Exam

Here we’ve listed the general mistakes that almost every student makes. Have a look.


No Knowledge of Entire Syllabus

If you don’t know your syllabus, how are you going to prepare for it? Many students join SSC CGL coaching Institutes and start studying whatever they are being taught without even looking at their syllabus. It is the first step of SSC CGL exam preparation - that you understand your exam pattern and syllabus.


No Study Plan

Planning plays a very crucial role in success. Most students start studying from the reference books without making a proper plan or thinking about how they are going to cover the entire syllabus. You must prepare a strategy for preparation and a study plan so that you can set objectives and achieve them by completing specific portions of your syllabus in a given time.


Not Giving Equal Time For All Subjects

Students often consider English Language and General Awareness easy sections, especially English medium students. It is a myth. It is not General English that you study in School. Leaving English and General Awareness to study them, at last, can be a big mistake. You must allocate equal time for all subjects.


Referring Many Books

Students refer to class notes, reference books, their own notes, and several online notes to study from. This is the biggest mistake. Of course, as you practice, you can refer to as many books for solving a large number of questions, but you should refer to specific notes for understanding the concept as each book and author has different tricks, language, and way of attempting the question.


Studying For Various Exams At The Same Time

This is the biggest mistake to think that you can prepare for IBPS, Railway, SSC exams at the same time because their syllabus is the same. It is not. The depth of concepts is different, the level of questions is different, the assessment based on these sections is different, and they are conducted in different stages by different boards.

Studying for various exams divides your focus. It is better to focus on one exam and crack it instead of focusing on all and failing them all. Understand your priority, the exam patterns, and the syllabus of these exams and choose accordingly.


Not Preparing Summary Notes

The size of the syllabus of entire class notes, reference books, and practice books is vast, and it cannot be revised entirely in a few days before the exams. Students practice a lot but forget to prepare short summary notes. It can be fatal to your preparation as you will find it really difficult to revise it from this large number of notebooks and class notes. Thus, always prepare summary notes for revision.


Ignoring The Technical Aspects of The Exam

SSC CGL exam is conducted in an online mode. Students keep solving and practicing questions with pen and paper, but when they sit in the exam, they are faced with technical difficulties. It causes anxiety, and it affects their performance as they did not practice mock tests in the online environment. Thus, one must attempt mock test exams to get acquainted with the online exam environment.


Not Reading Questions Carefully

The time in the exam is scarce, and one is not able to attempt all questions. It causes fear, and students don’t read the questions carefully. If you don’t understand it right, how will you answer it right? Keep calm and read the question twice if needed. If you understand it, it’s good. If you don’t understand it after reading twice, save it for later and move on to the next question.


Not Planning The Paper

You must plan beforehand how you are going to answer the questions. If you are good at the English Language, start with it. Students start with difficult sections like Quantitative Aptitude, and calculations take up most of the time, which is a great reason for students failing the SSC CGL exam.

Allot a time for answering the sections and move on to the next subject as soon as the time is over and you are facing difficulty in answering the questions. You must answer the simplest questions first and then move to the difficult ones. As you will answer easier ones initially, it will boost up your confidence.


Wrong Targets

Many students make previous year cut-offs their targets. They think that if they answer as many questions as cut-off, they will score well. If you prepare for 200 marks, then you will score around 140 because you may think that you answered all the questions correctly, but the reality is different. If you prepare for the cut-off, you will score some really bad marks. Plus, cut-offs are different every year. Forget the previous cut-offs and try to score the new highest.

Bonus Tip- Mugging up short tricks may not be useful if they have not been practiced enough. Students try to learn tricks at the last moment and apply them wrongfully to questions which is a great mistake. Learn shortcuts and tricks but use them only when you know where to apply them. 


Final Words

Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself motivated is the first thing a candidate should do. SSC CGL exam can be cracked if you avoid making the above-mentioned common mistakes. Keep revising, keep practicing, and stay positive to score good marks in SSC CGL exams.  

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