7 Tips to Crack SBI SO In 3 Months

The SBI SO exam is conducted every year by the SBI - State Bank of India to recruit candidates for the position of Specialist Officer. To choose the candidates for the role of Specialist Officer, the SBI PO conducts an online exam followed by an interview.

Only if a candidate successfully qualifies for both the exam and the interview will they be appointed to the post. The SBI SO is an exam that is attempted by thousands of students every year & recruitment is one of the most awaited selection processes every year because of the perks that the job provides. 

Now that you know how tough the competition is, let us discuss the topic “How to Crack the SBI SO exam?” The answer to this question lies in the following 7 expert tips to crack the SBI SO exam:


  • Be AWARE of the SBI SO syllabus.

The SBI SO syllabus is one of the most important things to study before you begin your preparation. Note down the entire syllabus and all the topics of the SBI SO syllabus to make the necessary preparations for the SBI SO exam. Always be careful if you are referring to the latest SBI SO 2021 syllabus or not. Following the updated syllabus will give you the best SBI SO exam result. You can download the SBI SO syllabus PDF from many sources that are available on the internet. This will contain all the details regarding SBI SO exam syllabus

  • Learn About the SBI SO Marks Distribution

You have to learn about the SBI SO marks distribution. Understanding the marks distribution of the SBI 2021 SO exam will increase your knowledge of the main parts of the SBI SO syllabus where the marks are more. Once you are aware of the same, you can then easily understand the effort you have to put into each section. Since you have 3 months to prepare for the SBI SO exam, this technique will save you a lot of time to address the most important sections of the SBI SO syllabus. Focused preparation is necessary to clear the SBI SO exam with good marks. 

  • Know the Cut Off of the SBI SO Exam

Refer to the internet or research what was the cut off of the SBI SO 2020 exam. This will give you a fair idea of how many marks do you need to qualify for the SBI SO exam. Knowing about the SBI SO marks is very important because it will help you understand how the competition is for the exam. The candidates can also refer to the SBI SO cut off 2019 and then compare how the level of marks is rising every year. This information can be used to check the minimum marks that the student can score in a mock test and then increase the study efforts to qualify for the SBI SO 2021 exam.

  • Practice for the SBI SO Exam.

While preparing for the SBI SO exam, you can follow a specific study pattern to help you with the strategic study of topics. Once you learn a topic, you should then try and practice a few questions from it. This practice of SBI SO questions will help you understand the SBI SO concepts very well. It will also bring up doubts for you that you can clear from a good SBI SO coach. Cracking the SBI SO is not so tough. You have to follow the plan of 

STUDY > PRACTICE > REVISE to have the best SBI SO rank. Practice as many SBI SO questions as possible and maintain a record of the important questions. 

  • Mock Tests To prepare for SBI SO.

After you revise for a particular SBI SO topic, you should do mock tests to see your level of knowledge. This will guide you to understand areas that you need to study more. Mock tests will also help you bring down your exam fear. Attempting mock tests for the SBI SO exam is important because once you have clarity of which section of the exam, to begin with, you can then create your own flow of writing the paper. SBI SO is a competitive exam that has a time limit. You can easily practice with mock tests and then create your own strategy to tackle the SBI SO paper. 

  • Short Notes for quick SBI SO revision.

While you are preparing for the SBI SO exam, you will come across important topics and important formulas. Once you find these important formulas, do not forget to make a collection of data as short notes. After you finish the study of a topic, you can then easily go back to your short notes and then revise. Short notes will help you greatly with exam preparation and revision. Once you have your short notes ready, it will guide you with a quick revision right before the exams and avoid the burden of carrying all the books to the exam.

  • Crash Course for SBI SO. 

You can enrol in a good short course for your SBI SO 2021 exam preparation. This will help you to identify the best SBI SO books, SBI SO mock tests and SBI SO preparation strategies. You can spend a few hours looking at the SBI SO online coaching and studying all the important topics. Lectures followed by practice is a very old but effective technique that the students follow to get a good rank in the SBI SO exams.

Always make it a point to get to know the syllabus of the SBI SO exam first. After that, you can plan a way to cover the most important topics with the help of understanding the marks distribution. In three months of time, you will be easily able to cover all the necessary topics with the above-mentioned techniques. While preparing for the SBI SO exam, do not forget to refer and practice at least the last 5 years SBI SO question papers. This will give you a fair idea of how questions will be asked in the exam. One more important fact is that you always need to be updated with the SBI SO exam news. You can check the SBI SO notification 2021 for all the details about the SBI SO exam. We hope these ideas will help you prepare better for the SBI SO that is coming up. Best wishes for the exam.